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Custom Jewelry Pendant and Chains

             We specialize in crafting custom pendants and chains that reflect your unique style and signature. To begin, reach out to one of our representatives on WhatsApp, Instagram, or via email. Share your design ideas, logos, pictures, drawings, or sketches, and let us know the desired size. We'll provide a cost estimate based on your preferred metal and gemstones, offering options like silver or gold combined with Moissanite, lab-grown, or natural diamonds.

          Upon receiving your concept, we'll create a lifelike 3D model, allowing you to request modifications to align with your vision. Once the mock ups are finalized, production typically takes 10-15 days, followed by a week for shipping. Our services extend beyond jewelry – you can share pictures of any jewelry piece, and we can recreate it with your chosen metals and stones to fit your budget. For more detailed information on materials, refer to our 'Custom Jewelry Buying Guide.'

Start your Custom iced out Pendant

you can start process by sharing your design idea, your can share picture, drawing, sketch, logo or letter in your choice of font. we specialize in full diamond pave custom pendant (iced out). turn your ideas into personalized signature jewelry piece. consult with us to make unique statement chain.

                  Our custom jewelry manufacturing facility here in India, employed skilled jewel smiths and best of equipment to produce jewelry in par with best of industry standards.

we offer variety of gem stone options, moissanite, natural and lab grown diamonds. our skilled jewel masters also undertake complex work of color enamel and realistic 3D Design.
not just iced our jewelry and chains but we can also replicate and recreate almost any piece from picture in your choice of  metal and diamonds.  icedout pendant personalized  jewelry factory manufacturer chain diamond gold silver watch lab grown diamonds moissanite  india

custom diamond chain

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